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Leather Cleaning

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Regular cleaning and maintenance of your leather seat covers will directly impact your aircraft appearance, customer perception and life of your covers.
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AVEX's Clean & Condition Protect programs can help removed oil, gum, dirt and residue from your seat covers and extend the leather performance with our proper pH balanced Conditioner Protector.
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Routine Cleaning and Conditioning of your aircraft's leather can prove extremely cost effective and image enhancing.
Leather Cleaning & Condition Protect

When developing a leather care program it is essential to understand the components of the cleaners.  Proper long term care requires the use of a cleaning agent that has a pH similar to leather.

What you can expect:
  • Properly removed oil, gum, dirt and residue
  • Reduced sheen
  • Use of proper pH balanced chemicals
  • A thorough cleaning of leather with protection
  • Extended leather performance
Before-After-CleanRegular Cleaning & Maintenance of Leather Seat Covers Directly Impacts:
  • Aircraft Appearance
  • Customer Perception
  • Life of Cover